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Should You Have Your Wedding at a Barn Venue?

Are you considering a barn wedding in Northeast Ohio? Non-traditional wedding venues like a barn or farm can be the ideal setting for a rustic wedding. More small and medium-sized farm owners across the country are reimagining their barns into wedding venues as a lucrative income source that is less strenuous than farming. Several beautiful barns in Ohio have been transformed into wedding venue spaces perfect for photos and hosting your guests.

How to Make a Great Wedding Toast

What’s the purpose of a wedding toast?

Eddie: It’s two things. It’s to honor the person and honor the event. You really want to achieve those two goals in your wedding toast. I think where people go wrong is they too often make it about themselves rather than the people that they are toasting. And that’s where a lot of toasts get off track, or it gets into really horrible jokes and just the stuff that shouldn’t be mentioned in a toast.

Open Mic at Your Wedding? (with video)

Should you have an open mic at your wedding reception? This is where a microphone is put out front and anyone who wants to speak is given the opportunity to give a speech, tell a story or give a toast.  The open mic usually occurs at the end of dinnertime. I have DJed some weddings that have had an open mic. 

What Should You Choose for Your Last Dance Song at Your Wedding? (with video)

The last dance song at your wedding is important because it is the last impression of your event, so you should choose wisely.  Here are some things to consider.  I find that there are three kinds of songs that couples choose to end their wedding reception.  So before you decide on what last song you want, it helps to decide what kind of song you want to end your wedding with.