Why Don’t Most Wedding DJs List Their Prices?

Getting married is a huge deal. Your DJ is responsible for keeping the party going – but why do so many hide their prices online?

If you’re planning on buying something significant, you probably go online to research how much it will cost. Whether you’re looking to buy a new car, want to go on vacation, or book a wedding venue.

When you’re at the early stages of planning your wedding, you may notice that many wedding DJs in the Cleveland area (or wherever you’re searching) don’t list their prices online. Instead, the DJ company will request an initial phone call to discuss pricing. If you’re put off by the idea of calling various companies just to find out their going rate, it’s totally understandable. After all, a company surely knows its own prices, right?

To help ease some of your wedding planning frustrations, you should know there are a few key reasons why most DJs don’t list their prices upfront. In fact, they’re the exact reasons why many service-based businesses don’t list prices.

Reason #1: DJ Prices Vary
No two events are alike. Your wedding will have particular needs that will vary from other events.

Here are a few common factors DJ companies consider when giving you a quote.

  • How long is your wedding?
  • How far away is it?
  • How many people will be there?
  • How large is the reception hall?
  • How many different sound setups will be needed?
  • Will you need DJ service for the ceremony?
  • Will you need lighting or other services? Some DJ companies offer numerous services other than just DJs.

Reason #2: The Competition
One of the main reasons more DJs don’t state their pricing upfront is that they don’t want their competition to know. They may be worried other companies will copy their pricing structure, or worse, charge less in an attempt to steal potential clients.

Reason #3: Fear of Scaring Away Potential Customers
Some DJ companies worry that clearly displaying their prices could turn people off. Sticker shock is a genuine concern, and some people may be quick to click on the next, cheaper option. The truth is, DJing at a wedding is a lot more involved than most people think.

Many DJs are also under the impression that once they can speak to a client on the phone, they can better convey their value.

What Do I Think About Listing Prices?

In the past, I didn’t list my prices upfront for the same reasons mentioned above. However, I disagree this is the best way to operate a business. All of my costs are now openly shared on my website for everyone to view.

I’m a firm believer in transparency, and I encourage my colleagues to do the same. So, to challenge other DJs, here’s my response to the three reasons mentioned above.

I Know DJ Prices Vary, But…

Certainly prices fluctuate, but customers still have a right to understand how much they are potentially spending. When I first got into the industry, I used an a la carte pricing structure where customers could pick and choose every little thing.

Today, more people are interested in clicking on a website and immediately receiving the information they’re looking for. I wanted to make it simple for couples looking for a DJ in Cleveland, so I created various packages that clearly state what each package includes and the cost.

If you’re on the hunt for a wedding DJ and they don’t offer upfront pricing, try looking for a company that will at least offer a price range to avoid wasting time. Keep in mind you’re a paying customer, and you deserve to know what to expect.

Being transparent is something a lot of businesses seem to forget.

My Competition Might Find Out What I Charge, But…

Practically any local business can figure out what a competitor charges. Plus, being in the industry for a while gives you a pretty good understanding of what other companies in the area charge.

Either customers will share what other companies are quoting them.  Some companies may even go as far as pretending to be a paying customer to ask how much a another company charges. Either way, I make a conscious decision to be transparent with my customers and not let my competition dictate what I do.

Keep in mind that some DJs may also charge more for their experience and reputation. Someone has to keep the party going

I Know Some Potential Customers Might Bounce Immediately When They See My Prices, But…

Couples have a right to know my prices up front. I enjoy educating people about my DJ pricing structure to help them learn what to expect. I respect that every couple will have a unique budget, and I want to openly share my costs to make finding a wedding DJ as easy as possible.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Do you think it is ok for DJs to keep their prices private at first, or do you think they should list their prices? If so, is a price range okay, or do you think all fees should be listed on their websites?

To learn about my pricing and find out why it costs what it does, click here.

– Ivan Moore

Ivan is a DJ/owner of Synapse Entertainment, a DJ company specializing in weddings in the Cleveland, Ohio, area.

Much of the information and inspiration for this article is from the book They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan and Shut Up and Sell More by Alan Berg.

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