Who are the Best Female Wedding DJs in the Cleveland Area?

It is no secret that there are way more male DJs than female DJs not only in Cleveland, but everywhere. Yet, there have anyways been great female mobile DJs* in the industry from Stacy Zemon all the way to Rachel Lynch. I DJ in the wedding industry and wanted to highlight some amazing female wedding DJs in northeast Ohio.

Who Are The Best Wedding DJs in the Cleveland area?

Each year, I communicate with over a hundred engaged couples in northeast Ohio about DJing their weddings. Because so many people respect my thoughts and opinions about wedding DJs and events from this website and blog, they will sometimes ask “Who are some of the other great DJ companies in the Cleveland area?

Why Don’t Most Wedding DJs List Their Prices?

Getting married is a huge deal. Your DJ is responsible for keeping the party going – but why do so many hide their prices online? If you’re planning on buying something significant, you probably go online to research how much it will cost. Whether you’re looking to buy a new car, want to go on vacation, or book a wedding venue.

Ultimate Checklist for Finding the Best Wedding DJ and Avoiding a Bad One! (with Video)

Wedding planning is tough. From picking out the venue, finding THE dress, and sending out the invites – finding the best wedding DJ can seem daunting. It can be hard to spot the differences between the best wedding DJs and the really bad ones.

Key Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding DJ from an Insider (with video)

So you need to hire a DJ for your wedding, but you’ve never hired one before and you don’t even know what questions to ask them.  Everyone knows to ask about price.  Here are the other key questions to ask your potential DJ.  (The last one could save you money!)

What You Should Expect from your Wedding DJ? (with video)

What to expect of your wedding DJ? What Does a Wedding DJ Do? 

 Your DJ will be your:

Sound Engineer
Master of ceremonies
Music programmer
Reception schedule maker

How I Started DJing and The Birth of Synapse Entertainment, LLC

Back in 2002, my girlfriend (now wife) started an educational residency which would have her working crazy-long hours – sometimes up to 80+ hours per week.  She knew I loved music and was always making music mixes for parties and other reasons.