Responsible Ways to Spend Your Wedding Gift Money

Congratulations! You’ve just gotten married and are now the proud recipients of a large sum of money as wedding gifts. You might be tempted to indulge in a lavish lifestyle, but responsible spending now can help you build a stable and fulfilling future together. In this article, I’ll outline some smart ways to spend this money so that you can put it towards your relationship, your future, and your peace of mind.

How to Make a Great Wedding Toast

What’s the purpose of a wedding toast?

Eddie: It’s two things. It’s to honor the person and honor the event. You really want to achieve those two goals in your wedding toast. I think where people go wrong is they too often make it about themselves rather than the people that they are toasting. And that’s where a lot of toasts get off track, or it gets into really horrible jokes and just the stuff that shouldn’t be mentioned in a toast.

Who are the Best Female Wedding DJs in the Cleveland Area?

It is no secret that there are way more male DJs than female DJs not only in Cleveland, but everywhere. Yet, there have anyways been great female mobile DJs* in the industry from Stacy Zemon all the way to Rachel Lynch. I DJ in the wedding industry and wanted to highlight some amazing female wedding DJs in northeast Ohio.

Who Are The Best Wedding DJs in the Cleveland area?

Each year, I communicate with over a hundred engaged couples in northeast Ohio about DJing their weddings. Because so many people respect my thoughts and opinions about wedding DJs and events from this website and blog, they will sometimes ask “Who are some of the other great DJ companies in the Cleveland area?

Synapse Entertainment’s Ivan Moore quoted in article about wedding costs in 2022!

If you got engaged over the holidays, you may now be planning a 2022 wedding — and you should be prepared to spend more than usual for weddings in the coming year. According to wedding industry pros, inflation is affecting the costs of most aspects of a wedding, from the venue to the vendors.

Why Don’t Most Wedding DJs List Their Prices?

Getting married is a huge deal. Your DJ is responsible for keeping the party going – but why do so many hide their prices online? If you’re planning on buying something significant, you probably go online to research how much it will cost. Whether you’re looking to buy a new car, want to go on vacation, or book a wedding venue.

Is It Okay To Encourage Your Wedding Guests to Get Vaccinated Before Your Event?

With more people getting vaccinated against COVID-19, couples question whether or not to require the vaccine to attend their wedding. Remember the days when the biggest concern about your wedding day was the weather? We’d take a few sprinkles over a pandemic any day.

Ways to Get People Dancing At Your Wedding (with video)

Let me guess, you already booked your wedding venue, began dress shopping, and maybe even sent out your invites. Now it’s probably around that time when you start to think: What if no one dances at my wedding? What if my guests don’t have fun? Should I have booked my wedding for Saturday rather than Sunday?

DJ Ivan quoted in article about 2021 Weddings in light of COVID-19

I was quoted by in this article about weddings in 2021 in light of COVID-19 and the vaccines coming out. I’m in the “bad guy” section:) Looks like we might not get back to “normal” weddings until fall 2021!?!?