Building Financial Future Together: Essential Money Tips for Newly Married Couples

As you embark on married life, you experience both the joys of companionship and the challenges of managing finances together. Building a strong financial foundation from the beginning is essential. This Synapse Entertainment guide equips you with crucial strategies to manage your finances effectively as a couple.

Sustainable and Stylish: Your Ultimate Guide to Planning an Eco-Friendly Wedding

As environmental concerns continue to stand at the forefront of our collective consciousness, many couples are considering how to minimize the environmental impact of their big day without compromising on style and elegance.

Destination Wedding…in Cleveland?!

When planning a destination wedding for somewhere in the U.S., Cleveland, Ohio probably isn’t one of the top destinations that comes to mind. But don’t rule it out just yet!

Picture getting married at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or hosting your ceremony overlooking stunning Lake Erie. There are so many unique and beautiful venue options that come at a fraction of the price of other major city destinations. And with plenty of attractions for your guests, don’t sleep on checking out Cleveland, Ohio for your wedding.

Should You Have Lighting For Your Wedding Reception?

You’re planning your wedding, putting all your time, energy, and money into it; so, of course, you want it to be a great event! But once you delve into the details, you begin to realize that there are just so…many…options! You want a special event, but you don’t have an unlimited budget. So what do you really need?

Should You Hire a Professional Wedding Officiant or Not?

If you’re like most couples planning a marriage, settling on your wedding officiant is one of the many decisions you’ll need to make. While many couples are forgoing a professional wedding officiant and having a friend or family member perform the ceremony, others still prefer a more traditional approach.

Tuxes, Tails, or Ties? What Men Should Wear at a Wedding

There are so many details to worry about and get just right for a wedding, but a big one often overlooked is, what will the men wear? From the groom and groomsmen to the fathers, it’s often left out of the larger picture—or hardly thought about at all.

Should You Have Your Wedding at a Barn Venue?

Are you considering a barn wedding in Northeast Ohio? Non-traditional wedding venues like a barn or farm can be the ideal setting for a rustic wedding. More small and medium-sized farm owners across the country are reimagining their barns into wedding venues as a lucrative income source that is less strenuous than farming. Several beautiful barns in Ohio have been transformed into wedding venue spaces perfect for photos and hosting your guests.

How to Make a Great Wedding Toast

What’s the purpose of a wedding toast?

Eddie: It’s two things. It’s to honor the person and honor the event. You really want to achieve those two goals in your wedding toast. I think where people go wrong is they too often make it about themselves rather than the people that they are toasting. And that’s where a lot of toasts get off track, or it gets into really horrible jokes and just the stuff that shouldn’t be mentioned in a toast.

What Do Millennial Guests Value at Wedding Receptions?

Today we’re talking about what millennial wedding guests like and don’t like about receptions. If you’re planning a wedding with millennial guests, things will probably look a little different than they used to.

Should You Hire a Wedding Coordinator or Planner? Can You Even Afford One?

No matter the size or type, wedding planning can be overwhelming for every couple. You’re trying to plan a huge, momentous life event that you’ve never had to do before, all while managing the rest of your day-to-day work and life. I find at most of the weddings I DJ, there is no wedding coordinator or planner.

Why Don’t Most Wedding DJs List Their Prices?

Getting married is a huge deal. Your DJ is responsible for keeping the party going – but why do so many hide their prices online? If you’re planning on buying something significant, you probably go online to research how much it will cost. Whether you’re looking to buy a new car, want to go on vacation, or book a wedding venue.

Open Mic at Your Wedding? (with video)

Should you have an open mic at your wedding reception? This is where a microphone is put out front and anyone who wants to speak is given the opportunity to give a speech, tell a story or give a toast.  The open mic usually occurs at the end of dinnertime. I have DJed some weddings that have had an open mic. 

Is It Okay To Encourage Your Wedding Guests to Get Vaccinated Before Your Event?

With more people getting vaccinated against COVID-19, couples question whether or not to require the vaccine to attend their wedding. Remember the days when the biggest concern about your wedding day was the weather? We’d take a few sprinkles over a pandemic any day.

Ways to Get People Dancing At Your Wedding (with video)

Let me guess, you already booked your wedding venue, began dress shopping, and maybe even sent out your invites. Now it’s probably around that time when you start to think: What if no one dances at my wedding? What if my guests don’t have fun? Should I have booked my wedding for Saturday rather than Sunday?